Kernel Oil Pte Limited (KOPL):
KernelOil Pte Limited (KOPL) was established in 2006 and maintains its headquarters at Singapore with its branches in Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Thailand and Australia. The company basically trades in gasoline, crude oil, hydrocarbons, asphalt and other organic and chemical compounds and their products and with the countries of Persian Gulf, Far East, the Mediterranean and West African but mainly with countries of South east Asian region.

In Singapore, the company is well known for its supply of crude oil. Extensively, the company trades in 1) gaseous liquids such as ethane, liquefied fossil fuel gases and organic compound dissolver 2) non fuel products along with paraffin,green and calcined coke, slack wax, aromatic compoundsand sulphur 3) organic compounds such as benzene, polytam, paraxylene, terephthalic acid and propylene 4) chemical products.
Kernel Oil Pte Limited (KOPL) is the result of successful endeavours of an efficacious businessman, Widodo Ratanachaithong. As time has passed, his business has gained prestige and massive success. The company’s products have a huge demand within Singapore as well as other countries of the world. 

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Kernel Oil Pte Ltd
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