Friday, 6 February 2015

Widodo Ratanachaithong: A Successful Businessman

Ratanachaithong Widodo serves as a president and trading director of Kernel Oil Pte Limited (KOPL). KOPL is an oil and gas company that has established its headquarters at Singapore. Widodo heads the trading and dealing of different types of oils and oil products such as asphalt or tar, hydrocarbons, naphtha, base, gas, fuel and fossil oil, kerosene oil and its residues.Mister Widodo Ratanachaithong has many years of experience and expertise and this experience paid him well in the form of the company taking lead among other petroleum traders. Being a successful business man and president of Kernel Oil Pte, this man is well versed in the information about oil trading and production. His knowledge about the oil industry is also appraisable. According to him, there are four components of an oil industry and these are: exploration/ investigation, production and manufacturing, distribution and last but not the least, refining and purification of the components and/or products.

.During the last decade or so, the production of oil has tremendously increased especially in the gulf region where the production crosses more than several billion tons. Due to this tough competition; establishing, maintaining and running an oil company is really a big deal. As according to Widodo, “balance of power brings about the buyers, because the oil these days may be a relic and consequently the expenditures and agreement are the terms that lead customers to firms”. Despite, much competition, Mister Widodo Ratanachaithong has very efficiently and tactfully managed this whole business and he stated that the company has been very successful in maintaining and establishing a competitive advantage among the web of numerous oil brokers.

Widodo, being the trading head, takes pride in his business of oil and gas production and distribution by stating that KOPL is the one of the chief contributors in fulfilment of energy needs of the whole country. Not only this, KOPL is also one of the biggest in providing job opportunities and hence is proud to contribute significantly in the national capital of the country.In the past, the dignity of this man has also been challenged as agencies and people envied the prestige and honour which this businessman has been relishing. He was being alleged for a bribery of $700,000 and he was highlighted as the main character in this case. However, as luck had it and mainly because of his innocence, he was charged free of any such thing and was later on proven not to be guilty.It is all due to Widodo’s efforts, effective leadership qualities and toil, that the company has been able to regain its lost prestige. Now the company is renowned in the world and its proudly distributing its products. Widodo, on the other hand, is savouring his place as a successful businessman.