Friday, 20 February 2015

Kernel Oil

Production process:

The most important product of this company is palmkernel oil which is extracted from a crop called palm oil which is used to produce two different kinds of oils. Oil palm is the product of a tree named palmist mostly found in ample amount in Singapore. This oil is passes through many comprehensive procedures. Fruit from the palmist tree is taken and all the parts made separated from each other like fruit fiber, free moisture and nut shell. Later, nut shell is being used to make the oil which can be utilized. The color of oil is yellow or white with a decent taste and nice smell. It contains iodine of about 14 to 21% and lauric acid about 40%. This kernel palm oil is used in many products like manufacturing of soaps, beauty products, cosmetics, food items like making of butter, ghee, chocolate etc.

Dealings with different countries:

This company was founded in 2006 by Widodo Ratanachaitong. They deal in oils transactions from various countries such as Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Africa, east region and Mediterranean regions.
Mr.widodo ratanachaitong is a person with a golden luck. He has tremendous knowledge about his field and profession that how to extract oil and make it into use full substances. He is now basking in the glory of recognition and success but things are not always the same in a person’s life. He had many downfalls in his life many shortcomings as well. But he did not give up his perseverance and resilient behavior and stood firmly in front of every obstacles and hardships. Under his supervision his company faces many fluctuations but as a fruit for his hard works his company is in top traders of petroleum and oil products today. 

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