Monday, 16 February 2015

Environmental Management of Kernel Oil

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a system in an organization that is put in place in order to improve its environmental performance in a credible and verifiable way. Additionally, the EMS helps organizations in terms of improving efficiency, achieving competitive advantage, managing risks, attracting investments etc. At Kernel Oil Pte Ltd., under the leadership of Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong, apart from these goals, it helps us establish permanent communication with employees, customers, investors etc. and also improve it over time.

This type of system can be voluntary for any organization, designed and monitored by the organization itself.The environmental management system at Kernel Oil Pte Ltd. is implemented and being maintained by our managing director, Mr. Widodo Ratanachaitong. Presenting it to the whole organization, Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong implied that the management itself is crucial for any type, size or sector of organization. Not only in the oil industry, the environmental management makes sense for all organizations and the derived benefit from it can opt out to schemes accredited internationally or globally.

 ‘At Kernel Oil Pte Ltd. it is a useful and valuable marketing tool, and the credentials given to the environment are both protecting and declaring the rights in our organization’ – states Mr. WidodoRatanachitong, the managing director.Kernel Oil Pte Ltd. is continually undertaking efforts in terms of coping with the global competition and establishing value to its clients by implementing environmentally-friendly practices as this one and mandating certifications as proven licenses to operate in the industry. Although the establishment of the environmental management is voluntary, Mr Widodo Ratanachaitong feels the performance protected by the environmental certifications surely aids the pathway of environmental responsibility and devoted guidance.