Saturday, 31 January 2015

Widodo Ratanachaithong-The Right Arm of Kernel Oil Pte Ltd

Widodo Ratanachaithong Kernel Oil owner has brought laurels to this company by his day and night work. The company was founded in 2006 and established its headquarters in Singapore and few other branches in some countries like Indonesia and Thailand. The journey of this company to success had been quite tiresome with many ups and downs but consequently, all the bad times paid off well and right now, Kernel Oil is enjoying its well established repute.
Not long ago, Widodo Ratanachaitong was accused of a bribery case involving Simon Gunawan Tanjaya, Rudi Rubiandini and his golf trainer. However, Widodo denied the news of his involvement in this case and also of his visit to Indonesia for paying bribes to the aforementioned persons. Widodo Ratanachaitong actively took part in the whole investigation and cooperated well with the investigators. It later turned out that Rudi Rubiandini and Simon Gunawan Tanjayawere the actual culprits whereas; Widodo was proven to be free of any such case of bribery.
As for any petroleum industry, the major concern should be to adopt environmental and nature friendly practices and to not harm any living being. Kernel Oil has been trading in products that are quite difficult and complex to produce because of numerous legal and environmental rules and legislations. However, the company has always maintained a fine record in this regard and been known for its environment friendly practices. The owner, Widodo Ratanachaitong, himself ensures the fine and safe running of the whole system.
The whole credit of company’s success goes to Widodo who has maintained and nurtured a friendly environment within his company and among his workforce. An utmost importance is given to company’s employees and Widodo ensures and maintain a fine and clear communication among them. The company has always followed and maintained best business conducting practices and is self sufficient to meet global challenges in oil industry. Keeping in mind the needs and demands of the customers as well as global market, Kernel Oil has maintained universally acceptable practices in every aspects.
The company’s flourishing and secure position as well as owner’s trust in his workforce and efficient leadership has made it earn billions. Kernel Oil has not only secured the future of the man power but it is also bringing in huge money into the country’s capital. As petroleum industry can be considered as the backbone of any nation, therefore, for a country like Singapore, Kernel Oil has proven to be a very strong back.

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